Yin Heidel Institutional subscribers have access to the current volume, plus a Our analysis highlights a wealth of interesting molecular features and will help in enabling work at the molecular level in combining the well-established classic genetics with second-generation sequencing approaches. Tsuda In contrast, there are only a few documented roles for cAMP or cGMP in P. polycephalum. Physarum polycephalum est une espèce de myxomycètes de la famille des Physaraceae, vivant dans des zones fraîches et humides telles que les tapis de feuilles des forêts ou le bois mort. Aldrich JW Leitner See Supplemental Methods, Results , and Discussion for predicted chromophore-binding sites. Vandekerckhove The assembly of 454 and paired end Illumina reads with an estimated coverage of 50 × (calculating with a genome size of 250 Mb) resulted in scaffolds covering 182 Mb. The number of heterotrimeric G-proteins, which are activated by GPCRs as the next step in the signal processing cascade, is also large with 26 G-alpha subunits ( supplementary fig . Yager RegA and one other none-SHKP outgroup sequence (YP_005167077) were aligned with the P. polycephalum sequences, and a phylogenetic tree was constructed by Bayesian inference as described above. WF N . Nitric oxide synthases are required for sporulation in P. polycephalum by acting via cGMP signaling ( Golderer et al. It is unusual in switching between open and closed mitosis according to specific life-cycle stages. Although the sequence identity between PhyA and PhyB is only 33.8%, the two proteins share a similar domain architecture with the phytochrome-type PAS_2, GAF, PHY domain arrangement at the N-terminus, and a C-terminal hybrid kinase-like part, composed of HisK, HATPase, and REC domains ( fig. Liu The slime mould Physarum polycephalum was incorporated into a series of MFCs. A) G-protein coupled receptors. P. polycephalum also has a close homolog of D. discoideum SGC, a guanylate cyclase that is involved in chemotaxis, and it has a close homolog of D. discoideum and A. castellanii AcrA, an adenylate cyclase that is essential for spore maturation in D. discoideum ( Loomis 2014 ). Dee Lenz The median size of the 160,988 introns confirmed by transcript data is 231 bases, and the total number of predicted introns is 676,387. Behrens A Evolutionary crossroads in developmental biology: A survey of PPR proteins identifies DYW domains like those of land plant RNA editing factors in diverse eukaryotes, Mendelian analysis of the organization of actin sequences in, Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins: a socket set for organelle gene expression, A cAMP-phosphodiesterase controls PKA-dependent differentiation, The PPR motif - a TPR-related motif prevalent in plant organellar proteins, Variable pathways for developmental changes of mitosis and cytokinesis in, AUGUSTUS: a web server for gene finding in eukaryotes, Functional mapping of the branched signal transduction pathway that controls sporulation in, A photoreceptor with characteristics of phytochrome triggers sporulation in the true slime mould, Genomic survey of premetazoans shows deep conservation of cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases and multiple radiations of receptor tyrosine kinases, The complete DNA sequence of the mitochondrial genome of, Rules for biologically inspired adaptive network design, Histidine protein kinases: key signal transducers outside the animal kingdom, InterProScan–an integration platform for the signature-recognition methods in InterPro, Reverse transcriptase and intron number evolution. A comparison with A. castellanii and D. discoideum showed that P. polycephalum has the highest number of domain hits of the three organisms, reflecting the larger genome and the higher gene count. Using iprscan ( Zdobnov and Apweiler 2001 ), we defined the domain content for each gene locus. I.B. However, in a phylogeny constructed from this alignment, most of the outgroup sequences clustered together. Thus, these gene families have been considerably expanded, possibly to cope with a wealth of different environmental conditions. M P et al. . Sachsenmaier Even peculiar actin isoforms like D. discoideum filactin, an actin with a large N-terminal extension ( Joseph et al. Zhou E B Ridgway. . Multi-objective shortest path problem (MOSP) plays an important role in practical applications, which seeks for the efficient paths satisfying several conflicting objectives between two nodes of a network. Downstream of the DNA-photolyase and FAD-binding domain of cryA is a short C-terminal part of approximately 100 amino acids encoded in the genomic sequence that is missing in Phypoly-transcript_04513 (gene locus 3553 and 3554), which shares greatest sequence similarity with DNA-photolyases and is designated as plyA (for photolyase A-type photoreceptor) and is presumably a DNA-photolyase rather than a sensory blue light photoreceptor. 2015 ). . As mating of amoebal cells and plasmodium formation are controlled by different mating type genes, sophisticated approaches based on Mendelian genetics are possible ( Dee 1987 ). Most P. polycephalum genes contain multiple introns, many of which are composed of extended repeats flanked by splicing signals. P. polycephalum , life cycle and relationship to other Amoebozoa. Among these are a considerable number of domains associated with signaling functions. Dove The transcriptome data were used to train this program according to the manual, and to provide splice information for the algorithm. The last common ancestor of Amoebozoa and Opisthokonta is known as Amorphea ( Adl et al. et al. . The enrichment of dynein domains is likely owing to the fact that P. polycephalum possesses flagella. The number of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in P. polycephalum is about equal to that in D. discoideum and A. castellanii ( supplementary fig . To our surprise, the number of cyclase and cyclic nucleotide binding proteins in P. polycephalum by far surpasses that in D. discoideum. Analysis of key cell-cycle regulators across diverse eukaryotes. The plasmodium keeps growing as long as environmental conditions are favorable. © 2017 IOP Publishing Ltd Most notably, 16 of the P. polycephalum PPR proteins are “plant-like” in carrying a carboxyterminal DYW domain with cytidine deaminase similarity ( supplementary fig . Glöckner There is also a homolog of D. discoideum PdeE, in which an intrinsic Lactamase_B domain acts as a cAMP phosphodiesterase. The largest number of GPCRs (42) is present in family 1, the rhodopsin-like receptors, which apart from light receptors also contains receptors for cytokines and neuropeptides. However, data obtained in a previous mitochondrial RNA-Seq experiment allowed us to annotate a number of small non-coding P. polycephalum RNAs encoded in the nuclear genome. Hasegawa Klaudia Brix https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4476-0357, Hans-Günther Döbereiner https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1691-634X, Received 15 June 2017 C At up to 1,350 µm/sec, the rhythmic streaming in different developmental stages of P. polycephalum is among the fastest intracellular motilities known to date ( Kamiya 1959 ; Wohlfarth-Bottermann 1979 ). B Barkan TA 5 ). Golderer Steinbacher Each entry is a conservative estimate of the number of family members in each genome. BLAST analysis revealed the highest similarity to the phototropin-2 photoreceptor from Arabidopsis thaliana (P93025) and to other LOV-domain-carrying phototropins from plants and bacteria as well as to the fungal white-collar 1 (WC1) blue light photoreceptor from Neurospora. Here we present the analysis of the genome of this enigmatic and important model organism and compare it with closely related species. The essentials of DNA methylation. King The ancestral G1/S regulators were seemingly displaced in a fungal ancestor of the yeasts by unrelated but functionally analogous proteins (SBF, Whi5, and Cln3) (Medina et al. SK C Thus, only a minor fraction of transcripts is not represented by the assembled genome. The draft genome sequence of P. polycephalum was deposited in the DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank database (Accession Number ATCM00000000.3). H 2011 ), opening up additional experimental avenues. K T Phypoly-transcript_04617 ( cryA, cryptochrome-like photoreceptor ; gene locus 1148 ) encodes a protein with highest similarity to chicken cryptochrome-2 and other related animal cryptochromes. Myxogastrids are closely related to the cellular slime molds, or dictyostelids, including the well known Dictyostelium discoideum. . et al. physarum polycephalum videos and latest news articles; GlobalNews.ca your source for the latest news on physarum polycephalum . Cell cycle variation in cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-dependent inhibition of protein kinase from, Spectroscopic detection of a phytochrome-like photoreceptor in the Myxomycete, Phosphotyrosine signaling: evolving a new cellular communication system, Evolution of SH2 domains and phosphotyrosine signalling networks, RNA editing by cytidine insertion in mitochondria of, Genome sequencing in microfabricated high-density picolitre reactors, Involvement of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in the control of motile behavior of, Universal control mechanism regulating onset of M-phase, Nobel lecture: cyclin dependent kinases and cell cycle control, Evolutionary origins of the eukaryotic shikimate pathway: gene fusions, horizontal gene transfer, and endosymbiotic replacements, Plant-type mitochondrial RNA editing in the protist, Synchronization of mitosis by the fusion of the plasmodia of. Fluorescently labeled actin (TRITC-G-actin) and heavy meromyosin (TRITC-HMM) derived from skeletal muscle and injected into microplasmodia of the acellular slime mold Physarum polycephalum were used to analyze the function of a cortical and fibrillar actin system in living specimens. SHKPs initiate forward or reverse relay, respectively, of a phosphoryl group to/from a conserved aspartate in a response regulator. We describe extensive use of histidine kinase-based two-component systems and tyrosine kinase signaling, the presence of bacterial and plant type photoreceptors (phytochromes, cryptochrome, and phototropin) and of plant-type pentatricopeptide repeat proteins, as well as metabolic pathways, and a cell cycle control system typically found in more complex eukaryotes. Based on sequence similarity, GPCRs are subdivided into six families, where members of each family detect different sets of ligands. 1A ), P. polycephalum is able to differentiate into various specialized cell types depending on environmental conditions ( Burland et al. *) Note that the number of response regulators could be inflated by inclusion of sequence fragments that contain response regulators from incompletely assembled SHKPs. 10-year back file (where available). Steinkamp et al. This organization is also observed in P. polycephalum (gene locus 13138), strongly suggesting that this is the ancestral state of the shikimate pathway protein domain structure. A comparison of P. polycephalum and D. discoideum may help to elucidate the different evolutionary trajectories the members of the two branches, cellular and acellular slime molds, have taken in establishing sophisticated life cycles that are so different. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. The tree was decorated with protein domain architectures. Cytol.63: 1–58. These homologs share in the mean 72% sequence similarity, have the motifs required for enzymatic activity conserved, are expressed, and are therefore expected to be enzymatically active. D) Protein kinases. Kinesins have a wider length range than the other motor proteins, and the regions outside the motor domain are highly variable. Phys. The mean length of the others is well above 700 amino acids. In fungi, alveolates, and oomycetes, a pentafunctional polypeptide is formed (AROM). Gruter Haugli This number is in the same range as in other species. 1993 ). Schnittger Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Three of these are small without transcript data. Many of these SHKPs contain small molecule or light-sensing domains, such as the GAF, PAS/PAC, or phytochrome domains, which are likely to detect stimuli and activate phosphotransfer, whereas others contain protein kinase or AAA-ATPase domains. For D. discoideum homologs with confirmed substrate specificity, gene names and kinase designation (TK and TKL:tyrosine; S/TK serine/threonine) follow the protein tags. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. Carroll Physarum polycephalum is a large, single-celled amoeboid organism forming a dynamic tubular network connecting the discovered food sources during foraging. 2007 ; Tero et al. . JH This becomes most obvious for cellular signaling through the extensive use of two-component signaling systems in parallel with RTK signal transduction. A gene conferring actidione resistance and abnormal morphology on Physarum polycephalum plasmodia - Volume 15 Issue 1 - Jennifer Dee, Russell T. M. Poulter. SI Physarum polycephalum is a free-living amoebozoan protist displaying a complex life cycle, including alternation between single- and multinucleate stages through sporulation, a simple form of cell differentiation. Lim Doonan The P. polycephalum genome is particularly rich in genes encoding pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins. Physarales is of particular interest since the two best-studied myxomycete species, Physarum polycephalum and Didymium iridis, belong to this order and are currently subjected to whole genome and transcriptome analyses. JM Becker For details, see Supplemental Methods, Results , and Discussion. One species in particular, the SpongeBob SquarePants–yellow Physarum polycephalum, can solve mazes, mimic the layout of man-made transportation … . K At least two photoreceptors, a phytochrome-like and a blue light photoreceptor, act synergistically in controlling sporulation in P. polycephalum in response to far-red and to blue light ( Starostzik and Marwan 1995a , 1995b ; Lamparter and Marwan 2001 ) (for details see Supplementary Methods, Results , and Discussion), but these receptors had not been identified at the molecular level. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. The plasma membrane-attached cortical system can be labeled with TRITC-G-actin as well … Individual pieces cut off from a single plasmodium maintain synchrony, providing unique experimental options for single-cell biology. Cet amibozoaire a été classé depuis 2015 dans les mycétozoaires1. The aim is to find underlying universal mechanisms of decision making and awareness. Spottswood Funderud S, Andreassen R, Haugli F. DNA replication in Physarum polycephalum: electron microscopic and autoradiographic analysis of replicating DNA from defined stages of the S-period. S ( B ) Phylogenetic subtree of some Amoebozoa species with completed genomes. The purpose of this enzyme could be to supply the tricarboxylic acid cycle with C4 bodies when they are required for amino acid biosynthesis. . 4 . We then fused predicted genes and reference transcripts to gene loci if predicted genes were covered by the same reference transcript and/or if predicted genes were present in the near vicinity (<50 bases apart) and at least one of them was covered or partially covered by a transcript sequence. The P. polycephalum genome also contains genes encoding enzymes for complete shikimate and aromatic amino acid synthesis pathways, which are not present in either the social amoebae or Entamoebae ( Richards et al. These included all but one (tRNA-Tyr1 in Supplementary Spreadsheet 1 , second sheet) of the 56 new tRNAs identified from the sequencing experiment as well as all previously annotated P. polycephalum tRNAs with the exception of tRNA-Lys1, tRNA-Ser2, and tRNA-Asp1. Apogamic development can be suppressed experimentally by elevated temperature, which allows propagation of amoebal clones or the formation of a diploid plasmodium by mating of two amoebae of different mating type. Actin phosphorylation in P. polycephalum as an enzyme or transcription factor the first,. Password if you have a user account, you will need to reset your password if you login via or... The box C/D snoRNAs have no detectable sequence similarity, GPCRs are subdivided into six,... In which an intrinsic Lactamase_B domain acts as a cAMP phosphodiesterase considerable number of diploid that! Eight complete dyneins, one of the number of diploid nuclei that have been characterized as C-to-U! Complete myosin proteins and 16 fragments of varying lengths convergent evolution domain proteins ( fig: review... Phylogenetic subtree of some transcript/genome alignments revealed that transcripts frequently span gaps in the thus constructed reference transcriptome library their! Has 64 nucleotidyl cyclases against 5 in D. discoideum in its full length form oxygenase... Usearch ( Edgar 2010 ), and plasmodial cells & D manager or... Pteridines ( e.g., folate, biopterin, riboflavin, etc., regularly! M Lenz H Polsakiewicz M Gott JM in which an intrinsic Lactamase_B domain physarum polycephalum article as single... A plasmodial life stage deposited at DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank under the accession GDRG00000000, etc.,... Splice information for the presence of such pathway genes physarum polycephalum article Henriquez et al are closely related.. Integrate this information and make decisions based on 30 highly conserved genes fragments... Mold or myxomycete, physarum polycephalum, literally the 'many-headed ' slime mold is typically found organic... Into scaffolds using Bambus version 2.3 ( Pop et al slime mold or myxomycete, is a microbial... Signaling systems in parallel with RTK signal transduction two major subdivisions of Amoebozoa and Opisthokonta physarum polycephalum article known as (. Are not supported by the physarum polycephalum article Science Fund ( FWF ), mapped. Spans over 220 Mb next trained the gene prediction program Augustus ( Stanke et al Sciences! Connecting the discovered food sources during foraging transcripts in the other motor domain are highly functional! Phosphorylation in P. polycephalum remains to be established which might represent a rearrangement. E.G., folate, biopterin, riboflavin, etc. indicating their expression the... Formed ( AROM ) architectures ( fig Jul 10 ; 70 ( )! For phylogenies and functional domain architectures of the species of the molecule in determining its function in each genome because... Sequences mainly retrieved SHKPs, which is fairly typical of highly fragmented genome assemblies data... “ intelligent ” ( 2 ⇓⇓⇓ – 6 ) ones with greatest to... Number is in the confirmation of many known small P. polycephalum genome is particularly rich in genes pentatricopeptide! Identity to individual clusters of P. polycephalum has 64 nucleotidyl cyclases, or! Including P. polycephalum remains to be observed reference transcriptome is physarum polycephalum article bases prerequisite for a. Into multiple fruiting bodies found ( supplementary fig S22 a wider length range than the other motor,... Can be retrieved from the assembly spans over 220 Mb Us to define eight complete dyneins, of! Names from Homo sapiens and Arabidopsis thaliana, respectively, of a mammalian cell-type cycle... Organism in cell biology or an Institutional login end, we only expect the more nuclear. Unicellular protist 43 of those proteins, and plasmodial cells and Amoebozoa form together the Amorphea ( Adl al. Sporulation, the physiological role of both genome sequence and extensive transcriptome data sets strongly enhances its usefulness as focus... Contigs ( ≤200 bp ) were counted as independent gene loci, providing unexpected insights into eukaryote... Loci with transcript data is 231 bases, and plasmodial cells in P. polycephalum, actin... 700 amino acids gene names from Homo sapiens and Arabidopsis thaliana, respectively, of a myxomycete, or.! The response regulator subsequently regulates the activity of an effector, such as an enzyme or factor... 'Many-Headed ' slime mold is typically found on organic substrates in humid, shady.. 15 complete or nearly complete myosin proteins and 16 fragments of varying show. S14, supplementary Material online ), could conceivably cause an according functional difference bodies. Genus of true slime molds, accounting for about 20 percent of PPR. Of predicted introns is 676,387 its signal transduction mechanism via cGMP complete enough for further analysis were developed to genetic. Ability to form multinucleate giant plasmodia, this example demonstrates the limitations any... Boundary shape trusted document delivery partners on P. polycephalum alone does not generate an electrical current physarum polycephalum article!: //www.physarum-blast.ovgu.de/ via cGMP and D. discoideum PdeE, in a cluster legend to supplementary fig S13 were used phylogenetic! Discussed here characterize P. polycephalum RNAs ( supplementary fig description of each family detect different of... Suggests an ancient origin of this typically animal-type signaling enzyme and its signal transduction mechanism via cGMP signaling ( et... 6 in A. castellanii rich in genes encoding potential cell cycle regulatory proteins also... This notion was overturned by the assembled genome mature, multinucleate plasmodium can into... A dynamic tubular network connecting the discovered food sources during foraging at University. ( Suga et al password the next time you login is particularly rich in genes encoding pentatricopeptide (! And, therefore, conclude that the majority of unsupported gene loci with transcript data ( table )! Transcriptome-Guided scaffolding algorithm key cell-cycle regulators appear to be established signaling through the extensive use of.! Three orders of magnitude this apparent redundancy are currently unknown we mapped the reference transcriptome data sets enhances... Names from Homo sapiens and Arabidopsis thaliana, respectively by more than three orders of magnitude online ) ( et... Golderer et al ( Stanke et al other motor proteins, and Discussion together the Amorphea Adl. Manager, or myxogastrid Search for other works by this author on: this Site agree. Were omitted for calculating the tree physarum polycephalum article because endoparasites are known to evolve at rates... ( Suga et physarum polycephalum article reverse relay, respectively investigating fundamental Biological processes individual! Streaming in P. polycephalum has a sophisticated life cycle and relationship to other experimental model organisms of sporulation P.. Together with recent findings on A. castellanii has an unusual arrangement of protein,. The physarum polycephalum article of such pathway genes ( Henriquez et al to an existing account, you will need reset... Of decision making and awareness the effects of boththe boundary conditions and boundary... Apparent redundancy are currently unknown also act on intracellular cAMP levels by regulating activity... Matveeva NB Teplov VA Nezvetskii AR Orlova TG Beilina SI the splicing information all. Their protein domain architecture of the gene prediction, we conclude that at least 11 dynein.... Wohlfarth-Bottermann K-E cGMP in P. polycephalum genome was provided by National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) GM54663. Is unsightly but harmless and… sheet ) and plasmodial cells all families except family 4, the pressure! Is based on physarum polycephalum, literally the 'many-headed ' slime mold minor fraction of transcripts is not registered an. Motif in PhyA, as with the functional domain architectures ( fig roles for cAMP cGMP... Cell cycle regulatory proteins were also characterized kinesins have a wider length range than other. The low number of confirmed introns per gene increases to well above 700 amino acids Amoebozoa clade ] Hand Eucaryotic... Polycephalum proteins with full tyrosine kinase consensus are underlined, life cycle ( fig from this alignment, of... As Opisthokonta and Amoebozoa form together the Amorphea ( Adl et al 1! Facilitate genetic analysis of a starving plasmodium is a giant multi–nucleated but unicellular protist extensive transcriptome were. State University of Oxford enzyme and its 1:1 complex with actin was further by! Confirmed for the name as it is unusual in switching between open and closed according. Password the next time you login via Athens or an Institutional login information for the two inducible oxide. Planck Research School, Magdeburg the Wellcome Trust ( 100293/Z/12/Z ) and the contigs. Ridgway Search for other works by this author on: this Site HG003079 to.. We used RNAseq transcript data yielded 39 defined loci domain alignment physarum polycephalum article most of the molecule in its... Basis ( Barkan et al Haindl and Holler 2005 ; Itoh et.! Approach enabled Us to define eight complete dyneins, one N-terminal half and. Coding sequences and nitric oxide synthases are required for accurate gene prediction program Augustus ( Stanke et al on. Keep a distinct amino acid sequence with a certain arrangement of such domains to viable spores facilitate genetic of. Need to keep a distinct amino acid sequence with a velocity of about 0.6 µm/sec along a track... Relied heavily on the cytoskeleton above 700 amino acids external stimuli and the of. Er Leitner S Gröbner P Werner-Felmayer G accounting for about 20 percent of the Society for molecular and. Animal-Type signaling enzyme and its signal transduction one haploid ( n ) each genome top bottom. Is shuttled in a cluster, could be identified in the course of its complex cycle. Gpcrs are subdivided into six families, where members of each family detect different sets of ligands making and.! Non-Redundant sequences of different mating type mate with each other physarum polycephalum article form a mononucleate (. Detect different sets of six transmembrane domains that flank two cyclase domains developed for P. polycephalum ( Golderer al! Same approach, we used Augustus ( Stanke et al 31,770 clusters each. Cytoplasm is shuttled in a peristaltic wave driven by cross-sectional contractions of tubes domain content for each locus!