That is expected because both hydrocarbon gas and petroleum-based oils are similar molecules consisting primarily of C-H bonds unlike diesters and PAG oils, which are relatively polar. In this article, the basic principles of natural gas composition and its compression have been discussed. turbine compressors. Properties of fluids b. A DI&M program begins with a baseline survey to identify and quantify leaks. The rollout involved more than just implementing the new PI infrastructure. Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist. Four-Stage Barrel Compressor. Different Types of Compressors. To avoid a recurrence and minimize risk at compression facilities, CPG tapped Aurora, Ohio-based automaton firm, The RoviSys Co., to develop a real-time monitoring system. Hydrocarbon gases are infinitely soluble in mineral oil and PAO-based compressor lubricants, while the solubility of hydrocarbon gases increases with increasing pressure at a constant temperature in a less compatible fluid such as an ISO 220 polypropylene glycol as illustrated in Figure 1. Most major compressor units have alarms or fault conditions that protect the equipment from damage. At that point, it’s usually too late. CPG wanted to use RoviSys’ experience with value-added projects to expand PI’s capabilities beyond the out-of-the-box functionality. Lubrication Engineering, Vol. Computers regulate the flow and number of units that are needed to handle the scheduled system flow requirements. Traditionally, CPG relied on PM to mitigate unplanned downtime and compressor unit failures. Oils for Air and Technical Gas Compressors. The results of this work, shown in Figure 7, indicated that there was an appreciable absorption of the mineral oil in the gas. Paper presented at the Sixth Annual Reciprocating Compressor Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, September. It takes lots of money, time and at least a basic knowledge of the equipment. important functions, such as generating compressed air or gas for instrument equipment, for gas lift and to deliver gas. Gas solubility exhibits a significant effect on lubricant viscosity. 38, No. In this paper, a new maintenance method, dynamic reliability-centered maintenance (DRCM), is proposed for equipment management. Monitor the gas content as you purge. hbspt.cta.load(3951034, '0185d019-b885-48b3-81bb-598c6269bb64', {}); The solubility of natural gas and other hydrocarbons is much higher in petroleum oils and polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetics compared to other commonly used synthetic base stocks such as diesters and polyalkylene glycols (PAG). WFD551 high pressure compressor; Important Instructions Gas Compressors; Model FD151 gas compressor; Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual (IOM) Models FD351, WFD351, D391, WD391, FD391 & WFD391; Model WFD551; D791, D891, T791 and T891; D- and T-Style Model 91 Compressors On an industrial air compressor, preventive maintenance is crucial to ensure the functionality of the system and its various attachments. It implemented a software development process at CPG for developing, testing, and deploying dashboards and notifications for more than 266 compressors of different types (reciprocating, centrifugal, and electric). This setup provided a place for analytics to run, tens of thousands of data points to be organized by physical asset, analysts to receive e-mail notifications, and users to view data in a Web portal. As tapping into these new sources for electrical power generation has increased over the past decade, meeting the demand for natural gas to heat homes has peaked during the colder months. Gas Compressor Maintenance (Part 1) 1929 Air Compressor Restoration - Restored to New Condition - I Didn't Think It Would Run - Duration: 32:17. READ THOROUGHLY BEFORE ... shaft power into gas compression in a relatively small space Addressing this concern, the company completed a trial of BHC3™ Predictive Asset Maintenance to predict unplanned gas generator outages at compressor … These environments allow CPG to grow its ideas without disrupting day-to-day operations. 6, No. Columbia needed to maximize throughput and reduce unplanned downtime of its compressors to keep up with the increasing market demands-especially in places where the compressor station is critical to transporting gas to key customers. Some of the most commonly reported oil-related service problems with compressors include: The successful development of a compressor lubricant will depend on how well the oil meets these technical requirements. Finally, various tests that have been reported for use with compressor lubrication have been summarized. For example, after the implementation, an operations analyst received an alert that a power cylinder did not reach normal operating temperature after a compressor was restarted. There are various design, operational, and maintenance techniques that can be applied to mitigate gas seal contamination and increase gas seal reliability / availability. Intangible benefits include increased customer confidence, improved reliability, and asset availability. Industrial Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance | Quincy … Also, two additional PI environments were designed and implemented: one for CPG to develop new analytic concepts and the other for early adopters to test those concepts before deploying the technology to the entire enterprise. The company refactored aspects of the predictable analytics so that the system could scale from an initial set of pilot compressors to more than 266 units monitored today, as well as planned future units. Table 1 shows a list of testing procedures that are commonly used to evaluate compressor lubricants. TRAINING MATERIAL OUTLINE : 1. The data in the system must be available to all authorized members of the organization, such as operators at a compressor station and the executive staff at corporate headquarters. The system included all of the tools that CPG needed to become proactive with its data. Owning an air compressor is a big responsibility. Lubrication Engineering, Vol. Industrial plant maintenance. Synthetic Lubricants Suitable for Use in Process and Hydrocarbon Gas Compressors. Rotary vane compressors require the use of an antiwear oil because an R&O oil is often insufficient for the crankcase splash lubrication of a reciprocating compressor. Van Ormer, H. (February 1987). Ensuring pipeline physical and cyber security, Robot displays empathy to a partner robot, How AI can help food manufacturers improve maintenance, Funding announced for advanced manufacturing projects, Metallic nanoparticles could find use in electronics, optics, Safer, fast-charging aqueous battery developed, Supply chain efficiency is critical for COVID-19 vaccine, Method developed to find toxic chemicals in drinking water. A known amount of gas and lubricant was allowed to reach equilibrium at a given temperature. The solubility was measured in a fixed volume apparatus. Recommended Preventive Maintenance Checks for Your Compressor. A lubricant viscosity dilution chart is shown in Figure 4 for methane at 50ºC. Apply to Technician, Gas Technician, Field Service Technician and more! An overview of various compressor designs used for natural gas, their lubrication and potential lubricant-related problems have been provided. References . Initially, CPG brought in RoviSys for the automation company’s knowledge in implementing large-scale, redundant PI architectures and for its relationship with OSIsoft. The PI system continued to collect data from stations and other operational points during the cutover as well. Lubrication Engineering, Vol. Trim Compressed Air Cost with Synthetic Lubricants. A typical PM program often relies on techniques, such as routine inspections, performance testing, or replacing compressor components before their mean time to failure. Lubrication of Reciprocating Compressors. In a reciprocating compressor, natural gas enters the suction manifold, and then flows ... found to have lower operation and maintenance costs than wet seal compressors because they are a mechanically simpler design, require less power to operate, are more reliable and require less maintenance. The operations analyst dug deeper into the data and discovered that the turbo oil pressure was lower than usual. Secrets for Refrigeration Compressor Lubrication, Product Unboxing: Hy-Pro Compact Offline Filter, Product Unboxing - Vaisala Indigo520 Transmitter & MMP8 Probe, Product Unboxing - Vaisala MM70 Meter & MMT162 Transmitter, How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program, Keeping your Lubrication Program in the Crosshairs, Substantial oil entrainment in discharge gas (air) due to decreased efficiency of the demister element. One from the suction side, another the seal gas supply. With new demands as well as changes in the flow of gas along CPG’s pipeline, compressor stations that previously supplemented the process have become critical. The difference between a natural gas engine oil and diesel engine oil is primarily in the amount of antiwear additive and the amount and types of detergent additives used. Many companies have a need for outsourced training to educate their teams to know how to properly maintain and repair their compressors. Main Responsibilities . Compressor body with oil level gauge, if necessary, can be equipped with platinum thermal resistance and electric heaters, oil testing, oil level, and interlock with the unit running. Lubrication Engineering, Vol. CPG had a stand-alone PI server that was undersized for its current needs. Valve … This Gas Compressor System, Working Principle and Maintenance course will also provide you with the necessary experience and confidence to work in any organisation requiring assistance and experience in gas compressor maintenance and operation. Available for a wide gas application range. Verneigt Brennstoff-Chemie. Compressor body with windows for disassembly and inspection of crosshead, etc., to facilitate inspection and maintenance. In addition to maintenance of the basic gas turbine, other station auxiliaries require periodic servicing including the control devices, fuel-metering equipment, gas turbine auxiliaries, and load package. principally of disconnecting electrical and tubing. During the investigation, the compression engineer and equipment analyst noted that the turbocharger for this unit was recently overhauled during the off-peak season. But, with the correct maintenance, air compressors can last up to 10 years. gas seal environment, the availability of seal gas sources of supply to cover all operating conditions, and the operation and maintenance of the compressor or gas seal system. Thats why its important to take your air compressor maintenance seriously, and John Henry Foster can Valve maintenance 4.1 General guidelines 4.2 Plate valve 4.3 Ring valve 4.4 Poppet valve 4.5 COP® valve 5. CPG owns 15,000 miles of interstate pipeline across 16 states. Our vision is to provide technologically advanced solutions that combine performance and environmental responsibility, while constantly striving to meet or exceed customer expectations. 8, p. 463-470. Vol. This information prompted the analyst to contact the team at the station. Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist. Owning an air compressor is a big responsibility. A redundant architecture was a priority, given that data-driven decisions require a system that’s available 24/7 with as little downtime as possible. Installation - Operation - Maintenance ROTARY SCREW COMPRESSOR UNITS WITH MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL ALL REFRIGERANTS THIS MANUAL CONTAINS RIGGING, ASSEMBLY, START-UP, AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS. Because increasing gas solubility decreases viscosity, at some point the viscosity reduction of the compressor lubricant may be too much, and lubrication failure may result because of loss of hydrodynamic lubrication, Figure 2. The optimization model of the framework consists of three main parts: the models of compressor maps, the operational aspects of compressors, and a maintenance model. Quality of maintenance, inspection, and technical support; Operation of compressor and gas turbines relative to their normal design conditions. Predictive maintenance offers an alternative that leverages techniques to help determine the condition of equipment while it’s in service. 3 01 01 01 04 04 02 02 03 ... Gas Compressor Applications • Fuel gas boosting • Natural gas gathering • Hydrocarbon refrigeration gas • Carbon monoxide • CO 2 (wet or dry) 34, No. You can vent it to any safe area away from people. Finally, various tests that have been reported for use with compressor lubrication have been summarized. Every air compressor model is unique and will have its own maintenance schedule, which is typically available in the owner’s manual. The course covers the following areas regarding gas compressor operation and maintenance: Module 1 – Types of Gas Compressors. We are compressor consultants and contractors for a number of major companies throughout the UK, providing system repairs and maintenance services nationwide. The unit was returned to service allowing gas control to resume injections into the storage field. A gas turbine maintenance strategy that keeps your fleet and turbine competitive includes: Knowing your assets and operating procedures: Understanding what assets are owned and their current condition is the first building block to creating a maintenance plan.Thorough understanding of your organization’s procedures will identify gaps that can expose you to unplanned events. Lubrication Engineering, Vol. In wet sump reciprocating and rotary screw compressors, the compressed gas and the lubricant come into contact with each other. Air compressor maintenance involves a set of practices that need to be performed to varying degrees on compressors of all makes and models. A typical PM program often relies on techniques, such as routine inspections, performance testing, or replacing compressor components before their mean time to … If your owner’s manual does not have a clear maintenance schedule, check with the rotary screw air compressor’s manufacturer to confirm the … Development of a Synthetic Compressor Oil Based on Two-Stage Hydrotreated Petroleum Basestocks, Lubrication Engineering, Vol. 3 01 01 01 04 04 02 02 03 ... Gas Compressor Applications • Fuel gas boosting • Natural gas gathering • Hydrocarbon refrigeration gas • Carbon monoxide • CO 2 34, No. This consists. But, with the correct maintenance, air compressors can last up to 10 years. Compared to the PAG, the lubricant showed no appreciable loss. Search Products And Discover New Innovations In Your Industry. The final design selection depends on numerous factors. Laboratory Evaluation and Field Performance of Oil-Flooded Rotary Compressor Oils. Remove the oil drain cap, and let the oil drain out. RoviSys’ task was to design and implement an architecture that could support the analytics CPG needed. The data must be presented in formats compatible with a broad audience. Our reciprocating gas compressor product line is the QRNG , which is designed and engineered exclusively for natural gas applications. 7, p. 372-374. The lubricant was stirred to facilitate equilibrium. Gas-compressor operator, supervisor, and to whom may concern in gas-compressor operation and maintenance. and gas quality. Lubrication Engineering, Vol. References . Patzau, S. and Szchawnicka, E. (1989). Course Objectives TRAINING MATERIAL OUTLINE : 1. At the core was a SharePoint system capable of reaching every member of the organization who was outfitted with PI Web parts, so that the entire enterprise could view dashboards containing analytical information about the compressors at CPG’s stations. – Bryan Toich has been the solution architect for the Enterprise Analytics project at the Columbia Pipeline Group since 2012. The lubricant solubility in the compressed gas should also be minimized to reduce carryover by absorption of the lubricant in the gas. (1990). Solubility of methane at pressures up to 5000 psig is compared at 50ºC for three lubricants: PAG, PAO and petroleum oil in Figure 3. Bearing failure. For successful operation, compressor oil must exhibit the following properties: Arbocus, G. (1977). There is little-to-no time to prepare for the outage and this situation can become critical in cases where the station lacks a standby unit to carry the load. Arbocus, G. (1977). Gas & Air Services (UK) Ltd offers a central point for all your high pressure and low pressure air and gas compressor requirements. Cohen, S. (1987). The suggested framework is applied to an industrial gas compressor station which encompasses large multistage centrifugal compressors operating in parallel. Natural gas enters a compressor station through station yard piping and is passed through scrubbers and filters to extract any liquids and remove solids or other particulate matter that may be in the gas stream (Figure 1). Enerflex combines its decades of experience in processing and compression equipment, industry-specific engineering expertise, and access to spare parts and components, with the economic advantages of locally sourced labour, into an industry-leading commissioning, operations and maintenance offering that delivers compelling advantages to the … Gas Compressor Maintenance (Part 1) 1929 Air Compressor Restoration - Restored to New Condition - I Didn't Think It Would Run - Duration: 32:17.