However, I have not yet completed one of the programs. Online VET TEC Training Programs Transitioning service members may be eligible to participate in Code Platoon through the Department of Defense Skillbridge program. I applied to and was accepted into the VET TEC program. With VET TEC, you can get: Tuition for a full-time high-tech training program; Money for housing during your training; If you attend your training program in person, your housing stipend will be equal to the monthly military Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for an E-5 with dependents. About More Info; Website Visit Site; Hack Reactor. Apply online here. Sabio. This is based on the zip code where you attend your training. ... Code Platoon of Chicago, IL offers a non-preferred online/in-person bootcamp that runs 560 hours. In-Person students may also use their GI Bill. Rod Levy, Executive Director of Code Platoon, is confident that Code Platoon can meet the program’s requirements. Code Platoon, a rigorous and respected nonprofit coding academy for veterans based in Chicago, was recently approved for VET TEC. Non-Preferred Bootcamp Partners. If I attend the Code Platoon Live Remote Program using VET TEC, what does a ‘normal’ day in this program … Divergence Academy. Code Platoon also offers full scholarships, valued at $15,500, for transgender veterans, women veterans, and people of color. PDX Code Guild. DigitalCrafts. For students who do not want to use VA benefits or have exhausted their benefits, Code Platoon offers scholarships, including full scholarships for women, Transgender, and Black and Hispanic students. Galvanize. The company touts that this is more than a basic training on software programming. Code Platoon. Prime Digital Academy. You’ll receive a letter from VA with a decision. Zip Code Wilmington. This Ruby on Rails programming bootcamp is dedicated to helping military veterans, with a cost to veterans of only $1,500. VET TEC has an initial funding level of $15 million annually. I plan to enroll in Code Platoon’s program once my current degree is finished this summer! Claim Academy. Our Live Remote and In-Person programs are both listed as options where Code Platoon is a training provider with VET TEC on the VA website. Code Platoon is an approved VET TEC training provider through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Code Platoon. For which programs is Code Platoon listed as a VET TEC training provider with the VA? Rod and Alicia tell us all about Code Platoon's history, how the VET-TEC program works, and why hiring veterans is just smart business. The majority of students have 80% or more of their … Code Fellows. Code Platoon is an affordable option for veterans and military spouses because of generous philanthropic giving and a successful partnership with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Code Platoon accepts the GI Bill for in-person students, VET TEC, VR&E, and Skillbridge. In the GI Bill universe, the VA will only authorize payment for one program at a time. Code Platoon has recently been certified for VET-TEC, an exciting new program where the student doesn't even have to use their GI Bill benefits! Coding bootcamps can apply to be a VetTec partner here. Applicants to Hack Reactor who are military veterans can now receive a $6,000 scholarship for … Code Platoon gets 50% of the tuition up front and 50% after the veteran gets a job. Operation Code is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping military members, veterans, and their families to learn how to get a job in the tech industry. General scholarships are also available to eligible students. How to Apply for VetTec. Code Platoon accepts the GI Bill and VET TEC. All students are eligible to apply for general scholarships once enrolled in the program.