“ After seeing chimps in much easier forests elsewhere in Uganda this was an exciting morning with lots of other wildlife, followed fresh leopard tracks and came close to two hippos relaxing in the river. Beyond the gorillas, the savannah grasslands, wetlands, and forested parks of Uganda make it one of the most ecologically rich countries on the planet and one of the best safari destinations in Africa. The main goal of the WPU is to conserve wildlife resources of Uganda in a manner that contributes to the sustainable development of the nation and the well-being of its people. The Ugandan tourism and wildlife is Composed of lots of beautiful landscapes mostly in the country side with abundant flora and fauna and this is not only found in National Parks but i should say every where from all corners of the country. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is rich with a variety of tree species, plant life, beautiful landscapes and abundant wildlife, including the great Apes (Chimpanzee & Mountain Gorilla) and the Big 5. Wildlife of Uganda. Uganda was gifted with a very broad species of wildlife located in various parts of the country. Elephant at Murchison Falls National Park Safari Reserve, Uganda 4. Western Uganda is home to most of the country’s national parks and reserves, and is the best region to visit for wildlife. Over 242 bird species call this wildlife Reserve home and some of them include Ostriches, White-headed buffalo weavers, Jackson’s Hornbills and Hartlaub’s bustards among others. Like said previously, the mountain gorillas in Uganda are the signature of the country’s wildlife and … Uganda Kob: Uganda’s National Antelope. What animals live in Uganda? Credit: Blasio Bwekwaso . Uganda Wildlife Bill, 2017 [No.8 of 2017] Uganda Wildlife Act 1996; Ssempebwa & Ors v Attorney General (CIVIL APPLICATION No. 05 OF 2019) [2019] UGSC 9 (25 June 2019); The standout highlight of this region is the gorilla tracking experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, in Uganda’s southwest corner. On a cloudy morning in September, conservation biologist Tutilo Mudumba, several colleagues, and 17 staffers with the Uganda Wildlife Authority climbed into three Land Cruisers. Wildlife in Uganda, Animals, Birds, Trees, Grass etc. Ajai Wildlife Reserve. The 5 days Uganda Wildlife Safari is a wildlife exploration safari leading to two of Uganda’s stunning savannah National Parks in western Uganda, each offering extraordinary wildlife species. Uganda undoubtedly has one of the best and most attractive wildlife in the country. Wildlife in Uganda Uganda is rightly famous for its Mountain Gorillas, and seeing these animals in the wild is an experience unlike any other. This wildlife reserve is situated in North-western Uganda, in Arua district and spans at 166 square kilometers. ” Uganda enjoys perfect weather throughout the year, the tropical climate is ideal for wildlife viewing. Antelopes make up a goodly portion of the Uganda wildlife; there are 29 species, including the Uganda kob (Kobus kob thomasi), which is a subspecies of the kob.It is a medium-sized antelope that is depicted on Uganda’s coat of arms.