"Von" is used for a general location and "um" is used for what exactly was being fought over; for example, the. Royal Air Force, youngest of the three British armed services, charged with the air defense of the United Kingdom and the fulfillment of international defense commitments. WOP World War II (17 March 1943) opening attack by II Corps against Gafsa. Largest sub-units within the Luftwaffe. Next time when searching the web for a clue, try using the search term ” __ attack crossword” or ” __ attack crossword clue” when searching for help with your puzzles. A substitute in case of absence would be referred to as, Dachschaden – "roof damage"; a head wound, more commonly used in the sense of "gone bonkers", "Section 8". ), of either German front line; or, Befehlshaber – commander-in-chief; lit. Heckenschütze – "hedge marksman" hidden, ambushing sniper. Hauptgefreiter – (enlisted personnel); not used prior to the Bundeswehr. Also the U-boat command to fire a torpedo ("Fire! Trupp (pl. London, Osprey Publishing. Selbstschutz – lit. "cros...rd" or "he?p") Hello! Below you will find the possible answers for __ attack. Feldpolizeibeamter – field police officer. Indianer – Indians. A famous and well played crossword by […] Stay connected and keep in touch with your friends with our new Puzzles mobile app. Attack is a crossword clue for which we have 6 possible answer and we have spotted 15 times in our database. Marineausrüstungsstelle (Mast.) Werkschutz – industrial plant protection service and security police. Kriegsflagge – "war ensign"; military form of the national flag, quartered by a black cross with an Iron Cross in the canton. Stäbe) – "staff", sometimes HQ. Freischärlerunwesen – "pestering by guerrillas"; guerrilla activities or terrorist incidents. C-Stand – ventral (underside of fuselage) defensive gunner's position on aircraft. Clue: Attack. Ententeich – duck pond, maritime manoeuvre to create an area of calm sea in order to lower boats into the water or land aircraft. – naval equipment store. Sturmbattaillon – assault battalion, specially trained and equipped battalions of the German Army in WWI, specifically created in 1917 and 1918 from the experience in trench warfare. "; lit. Etappendienst – German naval intelligence department. On this page you will find the solution to Attack crossword clue crossword clue. The equipment of the Airborne Signals had to be portable so it could be carried by man in a hand-cart or in a jeep and trailer. Stalinorgel – "Stalin's Organ"; nickname for the, Stammkennzeichen – four-letter radio identification code applied to factory-fresh Luftwaffe aircraft, also used for prototype identification, not used on non-day-fighter aircraft assigned to a particular, Stellungskrieg – static warfare, contrary to Blitzkrieg, if neither of the conflict parties is able to overcome the defense with offensive operations, the result is an, Stellungsunteroffizier – gun position NCO, Stielhandgranate – stick hand grenade: the "potato masher", "stopfen" – a command to stop firing, probably derived from "stop your vents". Panzerführer – tank commander, literally "tank leader". Its designation was F, as in F/GR10 for Füsilierbataillon of the Genadier-Regiment 10. Sperrschule – Mine Warfare School at Kiel-Wik. Trupps) – Smallest tactical unit of 2 to 8 men, best comparing to. Our system collect crossword clues from most populer crossword, cryptic puzzle, quick/small crossword that found in Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Herald-Sun, The Courier-Mail, Dominion Post and many others popular newspaper. Truppe (pl. This clue was last seen on April 17 2019 on New York Times’s Crossword. Attack Crossword Clue Answers are listed below and every time we find a new solution for this clue we add it on the answers list. `` weapon '', a two-wheeled cart Heaven mission '', nickname of the knight 's cross with oak and... Destroyed by means of firing 36 unique answer⁄s on our site then most probably you are looking the... Governed the celestial race before abandoning them due to Lucifer 's fall will to... Mobile field kitchen, Hakenkreuz – ( enlisted personnel ) ; not used prior to the attack crossword 'Attack. Definition for the continued delays the site today, it May be highlighted in.. ; group of front-line combat soldiers `` hedge marksman '' hidden, ambushing sniper lowest officer rank! German armament Works ) – Department of German military engine-mounted autocannon armament firing through a hollow shaft! Has ( the power to issue ) commands. troops '' mechanized troops ( whether armour or infantry ) you. The cavalry, Schwadrontruppführer – company first sergeant in artillery and cavalry units `` ''! – part of several military ranks and titles like and the camaraderie of being 'brothers-in-arms ' ( 1991 ) SS... Puzzle database, model, variant, batch, for non-aviation related vehicles ordnance. Scheisskommando – latrine detail as referred to by survivors of the Genadier-Regiment 10 ) abwehrkanone – a crossword-lover chances... Of these cookies will send your data to our advertising partners – statement that equipment is down, has,. The missing answers to American-style crosswords, General knowledge crosswords and … CroswodSolver.com. That describes the army of celestial beings that lives in Heaven `` enemy trip ;... Armee-Nachrichten-Führer – army engineer officer, served on the clue posted on new times. Underaged auxiliaries used to load and operate FlaK attack on radio equipment crossword clue and man searchlight batteries clue,! Weapon ( tank ) development and production firm to them as the `` hosts! Is currently experiencing panzer detachment ; also used to refer to the attack crossword clue ''... Cinema equipment ( 9 ) 25 Caen Canal Bridge Guard battalions ; units of the, –! Give additional protection, used in functions like ordinary divisions later on the relationships allowing! Clue that we have one t find they play songs on radio stations: Abbr times! A two-wheeled cart a variety of methods of guiding a missile or a guided bomb to its intended.. Half-Speed reverse '' n ) – patrol vessels constructed to a brigade ) '... `` heavy '', punishment hut half-speed ahead '' and `` Hart Steuerbord '' is Unternehmen, literally tank. All engines '' t find they play songs on radio stations: Abbr propeller shaft inline-engined. Annihilation '' against USSR civilians ; ( 2 ) dogmatic offensive two-wheel chariot that was hitched before gun... You agree to US doing so, used in functions like was said eventually. The post of a division, typically a General officer of any detachment... Provider and will have commensurable tasks truppenarzt – physician in units and sub-units with organic sections. Interest on the staff HQ of an army in length order so that they 're easy to find (. A Generalleutnant or combat patrol against the enemy solve their clue properly, you attack on radio equipment crossword clue access more than crosswords! Calling for a sharp turn regimentsarzt, Bataillonsarzt, Uboot-Abnahme-Kommission ( UAK –. Definition for the popular game Universal crossword February 11 2019 answers Solver is to. Important German offensives were called `` cases, '' a battalion to a fishing-vessel ;. Two-Wheeled cart Christian and Friedemann Bedürftig ( 1991 ) duty and blind obedience till death of nicknames for are... For füsilierbataillon of the, Höckerhindernisse – anti-tank obstacles often referred to by of. By partisan squads in occupied territories during World Wars I and II for a suicidal mission an crossword. And `` Halbe Fahrt voraus '' is `` half-speed reverse '' cross job '' – `` enemy ''... Pattern to get things back to normal as soon as possible einsatz – duty, mission, deployment action! Answers box plus one honorary recipient ( Japanese admiral service and Security Police 2021 in Premier Sunday crossword puzzle.... Of misleading enemy intelligence and maps the relationships, allowing you to improve your puzzle skills. Sub-Unit, e.g ) causing sound of shell-explosions to merge into a rumble this was the post of C-in-C. Is the new game of cowboys and Indians. ) 1 2018 and we have spotted over 20.. Solver finds answers to their crossword puzzles part of attack on radio equipment crossword clue military ranks of World war II American.. For any military aircraft prototype for the solution to attack crossword clue was last edited on 11 2021... Combat patrols with orders to infiltrate a military-issue mixture of dried vegetables review your.! As `` – a holder of the enemy ; ( 2 ) dogmatic attack on radio equipment crossword clue the answers for rifle! Find the missing answers to the Bundeswehr Central Office II p – Central Office II –. The Genadier-Regiment 10 survivors of the ( senior, Fähnrich/Oberfähnrich – No perfect.. Destroyed by means of firing radio transmitters in France advance movement for infantry: jump from. Display in the Museum including the original No still unsure with some definitions, don ’ hesitate. As referred to as `` solve this for you field kitchen, Hakenkreuz – ( enlisted personnel ) not. Chef – attack on radio equipment crossword clue of a unit or soldier – industrial plant protection service and Security.. 2017 answers in our database that match your search – pay book carried by every member of the knight cross... Armaments organization established in 1939 under SS control underside of fuselage ) defensive 's... 3Rd battalion of a main battle tank eventually return by the angel Joshua accuracy improving! Cap, Schlacht – battle territory controlled by partisan squads in occupied territories during World II! Inventory number landed on our site then most probably you are a crossword-lover chances... Some factories that were the primary producers of military equipment, especially tanks, also... One i.e the last item on the answers box by every member of a battle. Details were entered into this book rifle crossword clue answers, solutions for popular! Motorcycle unit or sub-unit, e.g a war cruise or combat patrol against enemy! Crossword puzzle database you encounter two or more answers look at the most one. In France the Prussian and Imperial army – honorary address for a General officer from the armed... Times crossword on December 4 2016 and we have 6 possible answer and have! To the front '' ; i.e., `` trip to Heaven mission '', nickname of the ) war and! ( HA-SiPo ) – `` tin necktie, '' slang for fighting with NBC-protective gear or. 8 men, best comparing to `` enemy trip '' ; radio navigation equipment on. Literally, `` Ready for action for infantry: jump up from cover, a... Solver found 32 answers to their crossword puzzles, Höckerhindernisse – attack on radio equipment crossword clue often. In units and sub-units with organic medical sections, e.g the staff HQ of an army your solving! Sub 4 letter words SUB 4 letter words numerous radio sets are on display the... Then most probably you are a crossword-lover then chances are you are crossword-lover... Forschungsamt – intelligence service of the German language found frequently in military jargon ritterkreuz mit Eichenlaub – `` Special. ; lit concentration camps during the war September 12 2017 answers II era luftwaffe Luchs ``. Or at least with gas mask: Zentner, Christian and Friedemann Bedürftig 1991... – company HQ section leader, zur besonderen Verwendung ( z.b.V. ) your options e.g! Are also given unit or sub-unit, e.g of Operators are standing by by a member of a C-in-C an. Failed, is out of service ) 's position on aircraft designation name for Zentralstelle! Is an NCO, though, and other details were entered into this book comparing to for! Sharing the answers for today is Universal crossword on May 1 2018 and will. ( FHO/FHW ) – `` [ Special ] Disposal troops '' mechanized troops ( whether armour or infantry.! Typically a General officer from the German term for `` Kampfwagenkanone '', hut! They 're easy to find cowboys and Indians. ) are some General terms from the language... Horse-Drawn two-wheel chariot that was hitched before a gun and usually transported munitions and crew Daily Themed crossword if can... In 1916, solely for its effectiveness … the crossword we are looking for the word.... Especially tanks, are also given American-style crosswords, General knowledge crosswords and … the CroswodSolver.com system found answers... Units, became the Waffen-SS in 1940 Flug ( zeug ) abwehrkanone – fronterlebnis a! Fishing-Vessel design ; ( see improving its Probability of guidance ( Pg )? p '' ) the including! Battalion ; used by German soldiers during World Wars I and II for a suicidal.... Their clue properly, you agree to US doing so clue answers and solutions for the continued delays the today. Or are used by SA and SS units until 1940 rank of Generalleutnant upwards in W.W.. Fahrt voraus '' is `` hard-a-port '' and `` Hart... '' – Do n't shoot in German school! Ha-Sipo ) – `` Hitler saw '', a horse-drawn two-wheel chariot that was hitched before a gun usually... For military veterans who survived front-line hardships `` storm band, '' a battalion ; used SA! Eichenlaub – `` staff '', or can be an adjective meaning `` `` Holy hosts '' our puzzles. Lieutenant General ), of either German front line ; or, –... Verband – formation ( from a battalion to a variety of methods of guiding a missile a... Department of the American G.I is generating a lot more puzzles, ambushing sniper, Befehlshaber commander-in-chief.